The key features of AIDA Europe Scientific Committee’s Mission are, to

  • assist with the identification of the topics for the AIDA Europe Conferences,
  • manage the books of the AIDA Europe Research Series for Insurance Law and Regulation
  • issue the AIDA Europe’s Calls for Papers
  • manage the AIDA Europe Young Authors Awards and
  • provide the content for, and support the management of, any other academic work. 

AIDA Europe’s Scientific Committee has a particular focus upon supporting the development of young academic talents by sponsoring and by inviting young academics and professionals to its conferences with Calls for Papers (see Young AIDA and Young AIDA Europe).

NOW ANNOUNCED: The latest Call for Papers in conjunction with the 9th AIDA Europe Conference in Zurich (17/18 September 2020) is on the Theme:  “The Governance of Insurance Undertakings between Corporate Law and Insurance Regulation”.

For information and the submission details see the official announcement.

The successfully completed Call for Papers issued in conjunction with the 8th AIDA Europe Conference in Lisbon was titled Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD): “Promises and Reality”.

The latest winners of the AIDA Europe Young Authors Awards are:

Viktoria Chatzara (The interplay between the GDPR and the IDD); Marta Ostrowska (Information duties stemming from the IDD as an example of faulty application of the principle of proportionality); Regitze Aalykke Hansen and Christian Bo Kolding-Krøger (The promised increase in customer protection under the IDD. Customers’ demands and needs and comparable pre-contractual information in form of a standardised IPID) and Diana Bozek (Redefining product management - IDD’s perspective).

All papers in conjunction with this call will be available, in electronic form, free of charge (once published in 2020). Free Access is made possible thanks to the following sponsors:

  • Swiss Re
  • Zurich Insurance
  • Prager Dreifuss
  • Baer & Karrer
  • Bullo Abogados
  • MDS
  • Pozderka Ügyvedi Iroda

Present Chair and Members of AIDA Europe Scientific Committee: