Effective 6 February 2017, the AIDA Europe Academic/Student Sub-Committee and the AIDA Europe Scientific Council merged to become the AIDA Europe Scientific Committee.

The key features of AIDA Europe Scientific Committee's Mission are to:

  • assist with the identification of the topics for the AIDA Europe Conferences;
  • manage the books of the AIDA Europe Research Series for Insurance Law and Regulation;
  • issue the AIDA Europe’s Calls for Papers;
  • help develop young academic talents and manage the AIDA Europe Young Authors Awards ; and
  • provide the content for, and support the management of, any other academic work.


The AIDA Europe Research Series on Insurance Law and Regulation is the first book series of its kind and area of specialization.

It comprises volumes on topics researched and written with an international, comparative or European perspective.



There are presently three books in the series:

Transparency in Insurance Contract Law
InsurTech: A Legal and Regulatory View*
Insurance Distribution Directive: A Legal Analysis**.

*open access to three chapters of the book on InsurTech is currently kindly funded by BIPAR | The European Federation of Insurance Intermediaries.


**This is the first book to be made fully open access courtesy of AIDA Europe sponsors. Please click on the image of the book to gain access. 

Additionally, the AIDA Europe Scientific Committee is making further calls for papers unrelated to the AIDA Conferences/Young Authors Awards. Two books in the pipeline for publication in this series are on “Transparency in Insurance Regulation and Supervisory law" and "Insurance and Human Rights".


Five Calls for Papers/Young Authors Awards were issued/made by the AIDA Europe Academic/Student Sub Committee in connection with five successive AIDA Europe Conferences (the 2nd to the 6th) held between October 2009 and November 2016.

In June 2017 the AIDA Europe Scientific Committee issued the first of their Calls for Papers/made their first Young Authors Awards. For details of past calls and award winners - see side panel.

Latest Calls for Papers:

The winners of the March 2020 Call for Papers linked to the IX AIDA Europe Conference - “The governance of insurance undertakings between corporate law and insurance regulation” - have been announced. Congratulations are extended to:

  • Angel​o Borselli -  “Insurance in M&A Transactions”
  • Jeremmy Okonjo -  “The algorithmic future of insurance supervision in the EU: A reality check” (for his paper co-written with Andromachi Georgosouli)

Their papers will be published with the support of publishers, Springer in due course.

October 2020: “Managing environmental risks through insurance”. The first deadline for the paper submission procedure is the delivery of an abstract of 1-2 pages before 20 December 2020.

For full information and the submission details see the official announcement.

Present Chair and Members of AIDA Europe Scientific Committee: