AIDA is always keen to have new people join the 10,000 or so already associated with AIDA’s activities worldwide.

Becoming involved does not however mean individuals must apply for membership of AIDA.

How to get involved?

AIDA is comprised of approximately fifty or so national associations, which serve as AIDA’s National Section members, along with some affiliated ARIAS arbitration societies. By becoming a member of one of these national associations anyone may participate in a range of AIDA activities arranged through AIDA’s committees, Working Parties and at present two Regional Groupings, AIDA Europe and CILA, and to register for AIDA events.

Joining your National Association  

How to join the national association serving your country as AIDA’s National Section is explained on the AIDA National Sections page and/or on the website of the national association. In some cases those National Sections have special terms and/or sub-sections for more junior or younger/student applicants.

If your country presently has no national association serving as AIDA’s National Section then it is always possible for you to join the national association of another country with which you have some connection which does serve as an AIDA National Section. In exceptional cases, AIDA may even agree to your serving as a representative in AIDA for your country. Alternatively, you may be encouraged to arrange the establishment with others of a national association – see below

Attend an Event

In many cases, AIDA events are not confined to members of national associations, but there may well be benefits in terms of registration or in other preferential ways of being a member. 

Support or follow a Working Party activity

As a member of a national association which serves as an AIDA National Section one is entitled to attend, to support and/or follow AIDA Working Party activities and meetings. Much of the activity involved with some AIDA Working Parties is not confined to the twice- or sometimes thrice-yearly meetings held during AIDA Conferences or Congresses.   

Forming a new National Section or Junior Association

Almost every year AIDA welcomes a new or resurrected national association to join the number of countries represented by its National Sections. Reference should be made to the AIDA By-laws to see the obligations and formalities involved.

This link AIDA Application to become a Member Template provides the format to be followed whenever a new national association applies to become a member of AIDA. 

The AIDA Subscription Exemption Template is to be used whenever an application is made for a subscription exemption.

National Sections are reminded that exemptions are only granted for one year and that total exemptions are very rarely entertained - a percentage of the subscription is usually expected to be paid.

The creation of a Junior or Young Section or sub-section of a national association serving as AIDA National Sections is usually the responsibility of the national association itself, but see Young AIDA for details of initiatives being taken at regional grouping and AIDA Presidential Council levels in this regard.