AIDA’s membership is made up of National Sections - nationally organised insurance law associations which are members of AIDA, the parent organisation.

National Sections (and their own members) not only conduct a range of their own activities at national level (see National Sections) and collaborate upon global AIDA activities (such as via the International Working Parties and the AIDA World Congresses) but also combine via their representatives in the activities of AIDA’s international regional groupings.

At present there are just two such groupings - CILA (established in 1962) and AIDA Europe (established in 2007) – but more are envisaged in time.

The rules and by-laws of each Regional Grouping make similar provision for the active involvement of representatives of AIDA National Sections in their activities and governance. Their purpose is both to improve levels of collaborative engagement between National Sections within their grouping, as well as to enhance the quality of work and achievements of activities conducted at both National Section level and in AIDA’s global activities. Each Regional Grouping is also exploring ways that others may be introduced to the activities of their organisation better to realise their objectives.

One recent example of where the Regional Groupings are supporting and helping to co-ordinate activities at national and global levels to best effect is in their promotion of ways to encourage the inclusion of young academics and/or professionals both in their own activities, academic and professional projects, as well as those at national and global levels (see Young AIDA, Young CILA and Young AIDA Europe etc).

In similar fashion, CILA’s Working Parties are designed to support and complement the activities of AIDA’s International Working Parties. When CILA stages CILA Congresses usually every two years and AIDA Europe hosts an AIDA Europe Conference with similar regularity it will usually be the case that representatives of National Sections from other regions will be involved either in plenary or Working Party sessions.

Each Regional Grouping has also been instrumental in establishing or engaging ARIAS centrally affiliated Chapters of AIDA in their activities. In the case of CILA, ARIAS LATAM. In the case of AIDA Europe, ARIAS (UK), ARIAS GermanyARIAS-Ireland, ARIAS (UK) and CEFAREA-ARIAS France.   

The thirteen National Sections active within CILA (plus the one Ibero-Latinamerican-based ARIAS entity) and the twenty-four National Section members of AIDA Europe (plus the four European-based ARIAS entities) are identified in the full listing of AIDA National Sections.

Those National Sections which are in a geographical region presently without an established AIDA regional grouping may support the activities of one of the existing international regional groupings.

Alternatively, they may be encouraged to join forces with other National Sections to help promote events and interest in cross-border issues as has been witnessed in 2017 by the activities of the National Sections of Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Republic of China in the combined staging of the highly successful Asia-Pacific Insurance Conference in Singapore.