CEFEREA ARIAS was originally formed as Centre Français d’Arbitrage de Reassurance et d’Assurance (CEFAREA) in 1995 at the initiative of Mickael Hagopian with the objective to promote arbitration as a dispute resolution centre and to provide, in France, the insurance and reinsurance industry with a solid, reliable and efficient arbitration centre, arbitration rules and clauses. 

The founding members comprise large insurance and reinsurance companies, the main insurance brokerage firms of the French market, international law firms and the Paris Bar Association. CEFAREA ARIAS is incorporated as a non-profit association.

In 2009 CEFEREA decided to extend its activity to mediation by publishing a mediation clause and mediation rules.

In 2013 the association was renamed CEFAREA-ARIAS France in order to reaffirm the strong link with the ARIAS network and AIDA. The same year a new website and a new logo were released.

Further to the adoption in France of the new legal framework for arbitration (Decree No.
2011-48 of Jan. 13, 2001), CEFAREA-ARIAS updated its arbitration rules. A new version of the rules has been published in 2018, incorporating new features and facilities such as expedited provisions.

CEFAREA–ARIAS hold a list of accredited arbitrators and mediators. CEFAREA-ARIAS, its members and arbitrators observe high standards of ethical conduct and being a member of the French Federation of Arbitration Center they comply with its Ethic Charter.


CEFEREA-ARIAS is managed by an Executive Committee of four individuals elected the Directors of the Company among its members, identified below.

The Board of Directors comprises a maximum of 20 Directors elected for a term of three years by the General Assembly of all CEFAREA-ARIAS members.

Aside from is governance bodies, CEFEREA-ARIAS has created three dedicated Commissions: 

Accreditation Commission

The Accreditation Commission is in charge of selecting the individuals who constitute the list of accredited Arbitrators and Mediators.

The Accreditation Commission members are: 

  • Ms Anne Pélissier - Law Professor and DIrector of the Master 2 Insurance Law at Montpellier University
  • Ms Sarah Xerri-Hanote - Attorney at the Bar of Paris

Arbitration Commission

The Arbitration Commission: this Commission is in charge of monitoring the procedure and resolving any specific issue that may arise during the procedure that the Parties or the Tribunal may not resolve, such as acting as appointing authority or pronouncing emergency measures.

The Arbitration Commission members are:

  • Ms Carine Jallamion - Law Professor and Director of “MOOC in Domestic and International Arbitration Law.”
  • Ms Sophie Grémaud - Attorney at the Bar of Paris et de New York
  • Mr Eric Evian - Managing Director of an insurance company

The Mediation Commission

This Commission is in charge of appointing accredited Mediators.


  • Mr Claude Delpoux - Former Head of P&C Insurance at the French Insurance Association Chairperson of the CNPP
  • Ms Dominique Dollois - Honorary member of the Paris, Mediator and Trainer in mediation techniques


As part of its mission to advocate for Alternative Dispute Resolution, CEFAREA-ARIAS has established an objective to organize information and training sessions for its members.

An Arbitration Committee open to all CEFAREA Members meets quarterly to discuss topics related to arbitration and insurance.

CEFAREA ARIAS France (Domestic)
  • Mr Jean Marc Blamoutier
  • jm.blamoutier@cefarea-arias.fr
CEFAREA ARIAS France (International)
  • Mr Eric Evian
  • Eric.evian@cefarea-arias.com


Mr Eric Evian

Vice Chairman

Mr Franck Lanctuit


Mr Stephane Choisez

General Secretary