AIDA's Presidential Council has over the years created several AIDA International Working Parties with the purpose of carrying out research in specific fields of insurance law and related matters. Their members are drawn from representatives of many different AIDA National Sections and some particular specialists in these fields.

They customarily meet about twice a year with designated meeting times during AIDA events.

For information about any individual Working Party's activities click on the name of the relevant Working Party in the list provided here.

The CILA Working Parties, also separately listed, were first created in November 2011 to help more effectively support the work of the International Working Parties by involving a larger number of participants and facilitating research. Also, to address issues specific to CILA National Section members. They meet either in conjunction with or also separately from the AIDA International Working Parties.

All AIDA International Working Parties are encouraged to have within their organising committees representatives from different geographical locations to help inform and provide continuity to the AIDA International Working Party meetings and activities.