The AIDA Distribution of Insurance Products Working Party was formed in 2006 following the decision adopted in Buenos Aires in October 2006 during the XII AIDA World Congress, upon the proposal of Prof. Ioannis Rokas.  At that time, the distribution of insurance products, as a particular sub-sector of insurance, had numerous open questions regarding the rights and obligations of distributors, the protection of consumers, including important conflict of interest issues. In addition, EU Member States had recently to comply with the minimum harmonisation Directive 2002/92/EC on insurance mediation. 

The possibility to engage representatives from several countries of the world participating in AIDA in a vital legal discussion on comparative law on intermediaries, which would be communicated through presentations and papers, was challenging. It also gave a promise for successful attendance of interested participants, which turned out to be true.     

Since that time meetings have been held at least twice yearly with an ever-growing number of active participants from many countries actively involved in the Working Party’s activities. 

In November 2014 during the XIV AIDA World Congress in Rome, Prof. Ioannis Rokas resigned from the Chairmanship and Prof. Pierpaolo Marano, who was previously Vice-Chair, has been appointed as Chairperson. The last meetings of the Working Party were organized together with the AIDA Consumer Protection Working Party, which was then renamed General Principles of Insurance law, in order to investigate the business conduct rules on insurance distributors, which affect their relationship with customers. 

Attached the cover pagetable of contents and introduction of the Distribution of Insurance Products' publication, which includes the papers, speeches and comments (comparative study) produced under the chairmanship of Professor Ioannis Rokas.

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  • Prof. Dr Pierpaolo Marano Chair
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