If one views the range and depth of subjects which have been covered by the AIDA International Working Parties over the years, included in the Resources/Library section of this website, it is obvious to see why they have sometimes been described as the continuing “lifeblood” of AIDA’s work in increasing the study and knowledge of international and national insurance law and of related matters.

The first two International Working Parties were formed in 1974 with the purpose of continuing the particular study of the two themes of the AIDA World Congress of that year: "Insurance and Acts of Violence" and "Risk Accumulation and Subrogation". In 1978 two more Working Parties were similarly formed for the study of that year’s World Congress themes: "Prevention and Insurance" and "Pollution and Insurance".

Since that time, such Working Parties have either ceased, evolved or been replaced by fresh Working Parties, helping to ensure that few areas of importance to insurance law are not the subject of continued analysis by the thirteen AIDA International Working Parties presently in existence.

Attendance at meetings of the AIDA International Working Parties, usually staged during major AIDA events, often twice yearly, is open to all AIDA National Section members without charge. Anyone seeking formally to join and participate in any session is encouraged to approach the relevant International Working Party Chair.

An illustrative presentation by AIDA’s Immediate Past President, Michael Gill, to the New Zealand Insurance Law Association in September 2013 concerning the structure and activities of the Working Parties is attached.


The AIDA International Working Parties are operated in accordance with the provisions of Article 13 of the AIDA By-laws.