AIDA is a non-profit making international association, formed in 1960, to promote and develop at an international level, collaboration between members across as many jurisdictions as possible with a view to increasing the study, knowledge and understanding of international and national insurance law and related matters.

AIDA’s aim is to consider and through its collaborative efforts from time to time to propose measures which may allow the insurance industry and those affecting their business most fairly and effectively to conduct and supervise insurance business as well as to resolve insurance disputes and, where appropriate, to harmonise national and international insurance laws.


  • To develop and draw upon the resources of its members, its National Sections and from collaboration with international institutions interested in insurance law and educational institutes for insurance law, to help inform and consider all discussions or reviews of the implications of insurance practices, law and potential reform.
  • To participate, when considered useful, in international meetings, such as congresses, conferences, symposia, round-table events, etc. in co-operation with other bodies concerned. To promote the issuing of periodicals reporting on the activities of AIDA, its National Sections and upon developments in insurance law (legislation, jurisprudence, doctrine);
  • To organise AIDA World Congresses, generally every four years, and through AIDA regional groupings and National Sections more frequent events and to publish papers and materials monographs with insurance law and related matters.
  • To form and maintain working parties and other special groupings to carry out or support research in specific fields of insurance law.
  • To make efforts to help increase the size, number and geographic spread of National Sections and to support and engage younger members, practitioners and academics at national, regional and international levels in their involvement with the concerns of AIDA and the pursuit of its objectives.