Meeting of AIDA Climate and Catastrophic Events Working Party

08:30 – 10:30

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Chair/Moderation: Tim Hardy, Chairman of the Climate & Catastrophic Events Working Party

Agenda, Welcome  and Introduction


  • Overview of climate-related litigation risks for insurers: Australian/Pacific perspective, including threats to collaborative insurer action
    Rebekkah Markley-Towler, PhD Candidate/Research Fellow, Melbourne Climate Futures, University of Melbourne, Australia    
  • Climate change and intergenerational justice: lessons from Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court
    Prof. Dr Oliver Brand, University of Mannheim, Germany
  • New Zealand: Actions/litigation, including that of the LCANZI - Lawyers for Climate Action NZ – in the context of national government climate responses and experiences
    Michael Parker, Partner, Parker Cowan, Queenstown, New Zealand
  • Climate-related disclosure obligations and implications
    Vicki Mullen, Finity Consulting, Sydney, Australia 
  • Critical issues for insurers on developments in climate-liability exposures
    Jonathan Wyatt, Managing Partner, Kennedys, Perth, Australia

Following presentations there was time for Q&A posed by those attending and addressed by those presenting. 

In addition for the meeting the following reports were delivered by Maria Kavanagh on behalf of the Mercosur Group upon the Impact of Drought on Agricultural Insurance in The Mercosur Region in English and Spanish

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