The Latin American Center for Mediation and Arbitration of Insurance and Reinsurance, AIDA ARIAS LATAM, is a non-profit institution organized in Chile as a Trade Association -Registration 4232 A.G- as the host country of Arbitration in Latin America and the Caribbean, in relation to the conflicts of the area in matters of Insurance and Reinsurance.

Its constitution in Chile - the site of ARIAS LATAM - was decided by unanimous agreement at the meeting of CILA - 2011, held in Asunción, Paraguay, by all the member countries of CILA, which correspond to all sections of AIDA; including Latin American countries, Caribbean countries, as well as Spain and Portugal.

Its main purpose is to provide all the necessary services and tending to the administration of an Arbitration Center specialized in Insurance and Reinsurance matters.

For such purposes, it will provide all the necessary services and conducive to the development of conflict resolution mechanisms, both in mediations and in national, foreign, international and multinational arbitrations.

Since 2013, ARIAS LATAM has a collaboration agreement with the Faculty of Law of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, which was carried out by virtue of allowing the Center to develop the activities corresponding to an Arbitration Center, with the support of and in dependencies that the Faculty has, providing administrative support and physical spaces.


The activities of ARIAS LATAM are operated by the directors, and managed by the Committee members.

  • Carolina Larrain, Communications
  • Avenida Libertador Bernardo O´Higgins 340, 5to piso
    Santiago, Región Metropolitana
  • clarraij@uc.cl
  • +56 22354 5090


Dr Roberto Rios


Gloria Claro


Dr Felipe Aguirre

Committee Member Argentina

Dr Hector Ponce de Leon V.

Committee Member, Bolivia

Prof. Dr Sergio Ruy Barroso de Mello

Committee Member Brasil

Carmenza Mejias

Committee Member Colombia

Prof. Félix Benito Osma

Committee Member España

Dr Carlos Alfredo Berguido

Committe Member Panamá

Dr Zunilda Benavente

Committee Member Paraguay

Dr Carlos Behr Palacios

Committee Member Perú

Prof. Pedro Pais de Vasconcelos

Committee Member Portugal

Dr Raúl Betancourt Menendez

Committee Member Salvador

Dr Andrea Signorino Barbat

Committee Member Uruguay