Dr Andrea Signorino Barbat

Director Andrea Signorino Barbat – Insurance and Reinsurance advisers www.andreasignorino.com.uy

Professor and Academic Director – Postgraduate Courses Insurance Law – University of Montevideo

Limburgo 1447
Post Code 11.400
Montevideo, Uruguay

+(598) 94 45 92 39



Current Roles / Positions

  • Immediate Past Secretary General, AIDA World
  • Member of the Executive Committee, AIDA World
  • Chair, AIDA International New Technologies, Prevention and Insurance Working Party
  • Vice Chair, AIDA General Principles of Insurance Law International Working Party
  • CILA Councillor- Member of CILA Presidential Council Ex- President, CILA (2014/2018)
  • President, CILA New Technologies, Prevention and Insurance Working Party
  • International Academic Secretary, AIDA Uruguay
  • Committee Member Uruguay, ARIAS LATAM

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