Supporting and promoting young academics and professionals ("Young AIDA") is one of the core objectives of AIDA Europe. They currently take various forms.

One key initiative is AIDA Europe's "Calls for Papers" upon a particular research topic, which the AIDA Europe Scientific Committee is regularly launching among young academics and the professional community in conjunction with AIDA Europe Conferences.

In addition to being invited to the conference, the top qualifying authors are given AIDA Europe Young Authors' Awards and are encouraged to engage in conference panels and sessions as speakers. 

Generally, students are offered reduced rates to attend our conferences.  Whenever possible, AIDA Europe Conferences include special Young Academic Sessions.

AIDA Europe's initiatives or the benefit of young academics and professionals include the planned development of a PhD Programme in European Insurance Law and Regulation, involving a number of top European Law Faculties and a number of participating insurance companies, complementing the programme with opportunities for secondment.

Furthermore, the AIDA Europe In-house Counsel Committee also offers young academics and professionals a platform to exchange experience and engage in its initiatives, through its own meetings or at conferences.

Among its Members, AIDA Europe encourages reciprocity and support of "Young AIDA" initiatives and also supports the initiatives in this regard pursued both by CILA and by AIDA World globally (e.g. through their Working Parties).

The AIDA Europe Committee is continuously checking further available opportunities to promote initiatives, with a view to engaging and supporting young academics and professionals in its activities.