The Committee is the managing body of AIDA Europe and represents AIDA Europe externally.

Under its elected Chair the Committee, comprising no more than 12 Committee members, each elected for a four-year term, is supported by secretariat support and a Treasurer as required in fulfilling its obligations.

These obligations include the organisation of conferences, the delivery of annual accounts and reports to the Assembly, also to the Presidential Council and General Assembly of AIDA, as part of its general liaison with all elements of AIDA.

The Chairman and Committee for the most part elected in 2016 to serve for the years 2016-20, is presently as follows:

Mr Christian Felderer

Chairman (Swiss Chapter)

Mr Torben Bondrop

Vice Chairman (Danish Chapter)

em. Prof. Herman Cousy

Member (Belgian Chapter)

Dr Otto Csurgo

Member (Hungarian Chapter)

Mr Tim Hardy

Member (UK Chapter)

Prof. Slobodan Jovanovic

Member (Serbian Chapter)

Prof. Dr Jens Gal

Member (German Chapter)

Prof. Dr Pierpaolo Marano

Member (Italian Chapter)

Mr Sjoerd Yme Theodoor Meijer

Member (Netherlands Chapter)

Prof. Dr Jose Maria Munoz Paredes

Member (Spanish Chapter)

Ms Alkistis Christofilou

Member (Greek Chapter)

Assoc. Prof. Margarida Lima Rego

Member (Portuguese Chapter)

Ms Anna Tarasiuk

Member (Polish Chapter)

Mr Dominik Skrobala


* The Treasurer and Administrative Secretary are appointed by the Committee to serve for the term of office.

The AIDA President is a standing invitee to any meetings of the Committee.