This sub-committee was created in June 2017. It is designed to attract and engage representatives of the In-house Counsel community in the activities of AIDA Europe. 

Vision of the Committee:

Work across geographical boundaries to positively impact the understanding of significant legal issues within the (re)insurance industry by leveraging the diverse expertise of its members and developing relationships with In-house Counsel and relevant stakeholders.

Mission of the Committee:

Propose practical solutions and guidance for (re)insurance In-house Counsels and provide feedback to relevant stakeholders for the furtherance and harmonization of legal and practical topics including (re)insurance regulations, technological and corporate issues.

A constant objective of the Committee is to increase its membership and audience and to create a forum to discuss legal issues in the (re)insurance industry. 

Become a member of our LinkedIn Group: AIDA Europe – In-House Counsel Committee and be active at:

The Committee is also expected to stage sessions during future AIDA Europe Conferences and whenever else suitable opportunities arise.

Present AIDA Europe In-House Counsel Committee Steering Team Members: