The development of the concept of “Young AIDA” presently operates in different ways at different levels in different parts of the world. It continues to evolve.

Indeed, there is presently no uniform method by which the interests of younger people concerned with insurance law are being catered for by the various component elements of AIDA. Nor even any consistent identification of what constitutes a “young” person.

This can range in some contexts from those in their late teens and still undergoing full-time education or training to a more experienced professional or academic. In some places an upper age limit of 40 is assumed. Elsewhere, 35 years of age or possibly lower.

The Presidential Council of AIDA World, as well as their counterparts within AIDA Europe and CILA, are all continuing to oversee developments in this sphere. So, too, the governing committees of various AIDA National Sections.

Listed below are the details of those entities which have so far been created with some formal independent standing in advancing the interests of younger people in the objectives of AIDA. This list will extend in time and change in form.

Increasingly, various additional individual National Sections are creating specific “Young AIDA” Committees geared to involvement with younger legal practitioners or academics and/or market professionals and collaboration at wider regional and international level. So, to increase connections and education getting in touch with a local YP contact is encouraged.