Eager to involve young people in their work, AIDA has encouraged the creation of "YOUNG AIDA" sections at global, continental and national levels.

Francois-Xavier Balme (Doctor in Law and Attorney at law, member of the Paris Bar) thus  proposed to launch “YOUNG AIDA FRANCE”, by bringing together, in June 2017, a group of young professionals in the insurance sector, composed of:

  • Youssef Abdelbahri - Lawyer
  • Julie Brulé - Attorney at law, member of the Paris Bar
  • Farida Aitjdid - Lawyer
  • Audoin de Billy - Lawyer
  • Vanessa Radrizzi - Lawyer
  • François Vannesson - Lawyer
  • Audrey Henanff - Attorney at law, member of the Paris Bar
  • Flora Bernstein - Lawyer

The Young AIDA France team has two goals:

  • to create  a friendly network of young  theoreticians and professionals, specialising in insurance law
  • to promote and develop the scientific activities carried out by AIDA;

In practice, Young AIDA France organises several after work events and conferences bringing together the young players of insurance upon current topics.

For more information about Young AIDA France visit this link: https://www.linkedin.com/company/aida-young-france and the AIDA France website:  http://www.aida-france.org/