2022 AIDA Europe Assembly

17:00hrs CET

Zurich, Switzerland

In-person and Virtual

Time:          5 October 2022 at 17.00 hours at  

Venue:       Offices of Bär & Karrer AG, at Brandschenkestrasse 90, 8002 Zürich 

The Assembly 2022 will also be arranged through a web-based ZOOM Meeting. A special invitation and link allowing members’ representatives to enter the ZOOM Meeting will be sent out to all AE members once your registration with the pertinent information about your representatives’ attendance has been received (see, inter alia, attached Assembly Form).   

As no AE Assembly meeting been able to be conducted, on account of the disruption caused by the Covid pandemic, since that of 16 September 2020, two Annual Reports and Accounts (for 2020 and 2021 years) are being presented to the Assembly for review and approval, along with the request for the AE Assembly to endorse the admission by the AE Committee of new AE members, AIDA Luxembourg (2020) and ARIAS Ireland and AIDA Cyprus (2021) 

The Minutes of the last Assembly meeting on 16.9.20 are also to be found below.

Attached files