The Presidential Council defines AIDA’s working programme at an international level. The Presidential Council is composed of the President, Immediate Past President, Honorary Presidents, up to five Vice-Presidents, the Secretary General, any Assistant Secretaries General and Treasurer, the Chairmen of the Working Parties and a maximum of 32 councillors. Members of the Presidential Council are elected for a term of four years, except for the Honorary Presidents. Generally, the President may be re-elected once (twice in exceptional circumstances). The Presidential Council is elected by the General Assembly, which endeavours to achieve fair geographical and linguistic representation on the Council. The Presidential Council generally meets twice a year where possible. Their meetings are organised to coincide with meetings of the Working Parties, often at a conference or colloquium organised by a National Chapter.

Ms Peggy Sharon


Dr Birgit Kuschke

Vice President

Mr Christopher Rodd

Vice President ; Chair, Dispute Resolution WP

Mr Richard Traub

Vice President

Dr Kyriaki Noussia

Vice President; Chair, General Principles of Insurance Law WP

Prof. Jerome Kullmann

Immediate Past President; Hon President

Dr Andrea Signorino Barbat

Secretary General; Chair, AIDA International New Technologies, Prevention and Insurance Working Party

Mr Tim Hardy

Treasurer; Chair of Climate & Catastrophic Events WP

Prof. Robert Merkin

Chair Scientific Council; Hon President

Mr Taisto Hujala


Dr Ferenc Kiss


Dr Maria Sandra Ramírez Bernal

Councillor; CILA President

Prof. Ozlem Gurses


Mr Torben Bondrop


Ms Anna Tarasiuk


Mr Jonathan Scragg


Prof. Yasuo Fukuda


Lic. Gabriel Vivas Diez

Chair, Civil Liability WP

Prof. Sara Landini

Chair, Motor Insurance WP

Prof. Dr Carlos Estebenet

Chair, Reinsurance WP

Prof. Dr jur. Robert Koch

Chair, Financial Lines & Cyber WP

Prof. Dr Pierpaolo Marano

Chair, Distribution of Insurance WP

Prof. Dr Satoshi Nakaide

Chair, Marine Insurance WP

Dr Ivy Cassa

Chairwoman, AIDA Personal Insurance & Pensions International Working Party

Mr Yannis Samothrakis

Chair, State Supervision of Insurance WP

Mr Mikael Rosenmejer

Hon President

Mr Michael Gill

Hon President

Mr Colin Croly

Hon President

Dr Osvaldo Contreras-Strauch

Hon President; Hon Chair, Civil Liability Insurance WP

Ms Alkistis Christofilou

Co-chair, AIDA Europe Committee