Vereniging voor Verzekeringswetenschap (VVVW)

The Dutch Insurance Law Association

The Dutch Insurance Law Association is the AIDA National Chapter in the Netherlands. It was established in Amsterdam on 7 November 1888.

The purpose of the Association is to promote the practice and knowledge of insurance science in all its facets and in the broadest sense of the word. The association tries to achieve this goal by all possible means, in particular by having meetings, lectures, and by publishing and distributing scientific papers.

Annual meetings are organized during the spring, autumn and in January.

Since 1984 the association periodically praises a young author of a recent published writing pertaining to the field of insurance law with the Prof. T.J. Dorhout Mees award.

The association has a library of approximately 4,500 titles, which they gave on permanent loan to the University of Amsterdam.

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The Dutch Insurance Law Association is governed by a Board of approximately 8 members and is managed on a daily basis by an Executive Committee.

  • Mr Hans Londonck Sluijk
  • Londonck & Kos
    Insurance | Litigation
    Grote Bickersstraat 74-78
    1013 KS Amsterdam
    The Netherlands
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Ms Berry van Wijk

Committee Member

Nicole de Boer


Prof. J. Borgesius

Committee Member

Mr Stijn Franken

Committee Member

Mr Hans Londonck Sluijk

Committee Member

Prof. M.M. Mendel

Committee Member

Mr S.W. Polak

Committee Member

Ms Anita de Ruiter

Committee Member

em. Prof. Dr Han Wansink

Committee Member

Mr W.C.T. Weterings

Committee Member