Five AIDA Europe Young Authors Awards were presented at the 8th AIDA Europe Conference in Lisbon for their papers delivered in response to the Call for Papers on the theme of: “Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD): “Promises and Reality”.

The winners were:

  • Viktoria Chatzara (The interplay between the GDPR and the IDD); 
  • Marta Ostrowska (Information duties stemming from the IDD as an example of faulty application of the principle of proportionality); 
  • Regitze Aalykke Hansen and Christian Bo Kolding-Krøger (The promised increase in customer protection under the IDD. Customers’ demands and needs and comparable pre-contractual information in form of a standardised IPID); and 
  • Diana Bozek (Redefining product management - IDD’s perspective).

See AIDA Europe Scientific Committee for further details.