Secção Portuguesa da Associação Internacional do Direito dos Seguros - AIDA-Portugal

AIDA-Portugal - AIDA Portuguese Section

AIDA-Portugal is AIDA’s National Section in Portugal. 

It is a non-profit organization, founded in January 1970 in Lisbon, Portugal, established with the purpose of promoting and developing cooperation among its members at an international level and of intensifying the study and knowledge of national and international insurance law and other related matters and to propose the adoption by the insurance industry of measures at national or international level leading to the harmonization of insurance law or the means of settling insurance litigation.

Another important aspect of this Association has been to provide valuable tools to the study in this area through the compilation of documentation and promotion and organization of courses, conferences, meetings, colloquia and congresses.

Its members include judges, law professors, lawyers, economists, insurance companies, brokers and other insurance professionals.


AIDA-Portugal is led by its Executive Senior Officers, made up of National Board Members.

  • Prof. Margarida Lima Rego (President)
  • Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Lisboa
    Alameda da Universidade
    1649-014 Lisboa
  • +351 914101785