8th AIDA Europe Conference

Lisbon, Portugal

Gulbenkian Foundation, Av. de Berna, 45A, 1067-001 Lisbon, Portugal

"Landfall of the Tech Storm" - How Technology is changing client interaction - Legal issues in distribution, claims and insurance services & other key developments in insurance and reinsurance.

The Conference focuses mainly on the impact of technology upon the insurance industry, in particular on the changing client interaction, legal issues in distribution, claims and insurance services. A special focus of the Conference will be on insurance distribution, including the new EU Insurance Distribution Directive implemented in 2018.

Further topics for the Lisbon Conference include Artificial Intelligence in insurance business; Autonomous vehicles and the EU law; Cyber Coverage Issues; and a session addressing Hot Topics on the legal and regulatory front, which the insurance industry currently faces.

The developments since the last AIDA Europe Conference in Warsaw and the matters debated there will be looked upon, notably InsurTech, and a progress review on the project of Principles of Reinsurance Contract Law (PRICL) will be presented.

A number of AIDA Working Parties have announced their presence in Lisbon, to address Conference matching, but also other specific topics.

The Scientific Committee of AIDA Europe has conducted a "Call for Papers on Insurance Distribution Directive - Promises and Reality", the results of which will be featuring in the Conference.

For details about the venue, programme, Conference fee and registration see below.

AIDA Europe

For the Lisbon Organising Committee

Prof. Margarida Lima Rego  |  Christian Felderer


Click here for full details of the programme for 8th AIDA Europe Conference. It includes information on the Conference venue and recommended hotels.  Please note that there is no single Conference hotel as the Conference takes place mainly at the Gulbenkian Foundation's Conference Centre. Hotel accommodation has, therefore, to be booked by each delegate individually.


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Payment Details:

The Conference fee may be paid in € either by Credit Card (PayPal) or through bank transfer to AIDA Europe's € bank account with Credit Suisse Ltd, Zurich/Switzerland:

Account no. 0835-2158211-42; IBAN CH41 0483 5215 8211 4200 0/BIC CRESCHZZ80A


In case of any questions, please contact Sandra Dellimore at  aidaeuropesecretariat@aidainsurance.org


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