AIDA Italia

AIDA Italia is AIDA’s National Section in Italy. 

AIDA Italia was the very first national chapter to be established on 19 May 1960, that is, within a month of the foundation of AIDA. 

It is established as an unincorporated association (“associazione non riconosciuta”) and, in compliance with its bylaws, promotes studies and research on insurance law in general. 

AIDA Italia encourages any form of cooperation between Italian scholars on insurance law topics and favours international collaborations and comparative studies. It pursues scientific objectives as a non-profit organization. 

AIDA Italia organizes workshops, seminars, congresses and conventions, promotes researches, studies, papers and their publications (either directly or through the various AIDA Italia regional sections).

Other objectives include:

  • enhancement of the study of insurance law through the organization of scientific congresses;
  • management of a forum for the promotion, development and debate of insurance studies and proposals;
  • promote the circulation of information between regional sections and its members.


AIDA Italia is led by a National Council.

History and Biography of National Sections' Presidents and Councilors

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Antigono Donati biography

He was born in Rome in 1910.

In 1932 he graduated (with honors) in Law from the University "La Sapienza in Rome" and the following year he obtained, again with honors, a degree in Political Science from the University of Padua. Since 1935 professor in charged of Commercial Law at the University of Rome. In 1934 he founded “Assicurazioni” journal.  In 1938, the professor, accused of carrying out anti-fascist activities, was dismissed from the chair he had obtained by competition. Warned and persecuted by the police, Donati sought refuge abroad, but always maintained contact with Italian anti-fascist groups. Returning to Italy after the fall of the fascist regime, he took part in the Resistance as a fighting partisan when Italy was invaded by German troops supported by the "republicans". After the Liberation, the professor, reinstated in the university chair, was one of the founders of the Democratic Labor Party and became its deputy secretary general. He taught commercial law and insurance law (1939-1980) at the University of Rome (prof. emeritus since 1983). National consultor, deputy to the Constituent Assembly, he was elected to the Chamber in the first Republican Legislature (1948-53). After resuming his academic activity and his commitment in the economic field, Antigono Donati was assigned important positions, such as the presidency of the National Labor Bank and the Institute for Foreign Trade. In 1960 he founded Aida and in 1962 he organized the first Aida world congress (see pictures). He was also a director of the National Insurance Institute, the Foreign Exchange Office, the CNEL and the ABI President between 1965 and 1969 of the ICE (National Institute for Foreign Trade) and of the National Labor Bank from 1967 to 1978, he was founder and president of ISVE (Institute of Economic Development Studies) from 1962 to 1977. He has also received numerous Italian honors (among which we only mention the Gold Medal of Merit of School, Culture and Art). There are also many foreign awards and many "honoris causa" degrees. On his death in 2002, the then President of the Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, in his message of condolence, recalled that "Donati knew how to combine a convinced civil and political commitment to the scientific magisterium" and that in the prestigious positions held "he promoted and enhanced the leading role of culture as a foundation and essential tool for the growth of civil society, in a modern democracy ". Since 1998 the Library of the National Insurance Institute, which naturally also collects all his numerous scientific works, bears the name of Antigono Donati. Among the works: The subscription insurance contract (1935); Insurance on behalf of whoever is entitled (1936); The insurance contract in the civil code (1943); Handbook of Private Insurance Law (1956); Treatise on the law of private insurance (3 vols., 1952-56).

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