2020 AIDA Europe Assembly

16:30hrs CET

Zurich, Switzerland


AIDA Europe Assembly elects seven new Committee Members and gives a farewell to the leaving members and Christian Felderer, Chairman of AIDA Europe, whose term ended at the Assembly. Alkistis Christofilou and Jens Gal are appointed Co-Chairs by the newly constituted amended AIDA Europe Committee.

The AIDA Europe Assembly, held on 16 September 2020, via a VIRTUAL Zoom Meeting was attended by all current members, except for one member who had given its apology.

The Assembly unanimously approved the 2019 Annual Report and the 2019 Financial Statements of AIDA Europe.

The proposed new members to the AIDA Europe Committee were unanimously elected with acclamation for a term of office of 4 years, which expires at the Assembly in 2024, they are:

• Dr. María Luisa Muñoz Paredes - Spain
• Pierre-Olivier Leblanc - France
• Prof. Caroline van Schoubroeck - Belgium
• Dominik Skrobala - Switzerland
• Charlotte Hasseriis Iversen - Denmark
• Dr. István Molnár - Hungary
• Mattias Rosengren - Sweden

Additionally, Prof. Pierpaolo Marano (Italy) and Tim Hardy (UK) were unanimously re-elected for a further, last term of office of 4 years, ending at the Assembly in 2024. Finally, the Assembly acknowledged the termination of membership of Norway, Iceland, Slovenia and Romania.

The Assembly gave a hearty farewell and thanked the following Committee Members, whose term was ending at the Assembly for their contributions and work:

• Prof. Herman Cousy, Member
• José Maria Munoz Paredez, Member
• Otto Csurgo, Member
• Slobodan Jovanovic, Member
• Torben Bondrop, AIDA Europe Vice-Chairman
• Christian Felderer, AIDA Europe Chair

In accordance with Article 10 para. 2 the AIDA Europe Committee, in the Constituent Meeting held after the Assembly, elected Alkistis Christofilou and Prof. Jens Gal as Co-Chairs.

Christian Felderer who stepped down as Committee Chair at the Assembly congratulated the new Co-Chairs for their election and thanked them for taking on this responsibility, wishing them all success for the further development of AIDA Europe.

Τhe Committee thanked Christian Felderer for his formidable contribution, for setting strategic goals for AIDA Europe and organising their dedicated pursuit, for bringing in new ideas and for his outstanding leadership.

For further details about the AIDA Europe Assembly 2020, please see the Assembly Webpage https://aidainsurance.org/meetings/2020-aida-europe-assembly_2020-09-16

Zurich, 16 September 2020 

AIDA Europe

Alkistis Christofilou, Jens Gal, Christian Felderer


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