AIDA mourns the passing of Prof. Agostino Gambino, AIDA Italy Honorary President and AIDA World Medal Bearer. A great loss of a prominent scholar with  unique personality and professionalism. AIDA World President and all AIDA members,  send condolences to the family of Prof. Gambino  and to AIDA Italy.

Many AIDA members of the Presidential Council have expressed their condolences  and shared their memories from past meetings with Prof. Gambino.

Peggy Sharon , AIDA World President :

On behalf of all AIDA members I share with the family of Prof. Gambino and with AIDA Italy the deep sorrow for the great  loss

We knew Prof. Gambino and highly respected his unique and outstanding personality and professionalism.

The AIDA medal , which is our highest recognition , was granted to Prof. Gambino  in 2006 as an expression of this respect to a great man and great scholar.

The contribution of Prof. Gambino to the study and understanding of Insurance Law will always be his legacy.

Many of us met Prof. Gambino face to face , and enjoyed his warmth and hospitality, especially  by hosting us, the PC members at his beautiful home in Rome in 2014.

We will always remember Prof. Agostino Gambino.


Prof. Avv. Paolo Montalenti, AIDA Italy President:

We are deeply saddened to announce that Professor Agostino Gambino, honorary President of AIDA Italia, passed away last Saturday. Please join us in expressing the condolences of the entire AIDA community to his family and in mourning the loss of a great man, a major scholar in the field of insurance law and a fundamental and restless contributor to many AIDA activities since its early days (for which he was awarded the AIDA medal in 2006).

We will never forget him.


Prof. Jérôme Kullmann, AIDA World  Honorary President:

Agostino was smart, elegant, cultivated, and a great lawyer. I remember his sensitivity when, hosting the Presidential council in his amazing villa in Roma in 2014, he delivered a welcoming speech in french. We have lost a “Grand Seigneur”, a very great nobleman. I express my sincere condolences to his family.


Michael Gill, AIDA World Honorary President :

I have the most wonderful memories of Agostino. May I share a few with you. Just my foremost recollections. Others will weave the more complete tapestry.

The quiet man who’s every contribution to an AIDA discussion was wise and calm and insightful

The smiling man; not necessarily all the time but so engaging when his face came alight.

The genuinely warm man. Our meetings in AIDA were time separated but he lit up with authentic friendship and comradeship on reunion

The natural host on those occasions we met or dined in his residence. So welcoming.

His appointments and record and writings and scholarship speak fir themselves. Impressive and unique.

His AIDA contribution so generous of his wisdom and experience and time and loyalty.

A life I was honoured to know and experience, even if just a little .

My respect and condolences to his family and all friends. RIP Agostino


Dr. Andrea Signorino Barbat, AIDA World General Secretary :

Sad news and a regrettable loss for the academy. R. I. P. My condolences for his family and friends.


Prof. Dr. Sergio Barroso de Mello, AIDA Brazil:

Professor Agostino Gambino has made an invaluable contribution to AIDA, I echo the words of our President and hope that God will comfort the family.


Prof. Margarida Lima Rego, AIDA Portugal:

On behalf of AIDA Portugal, please convey our condolences to the family and to AIDA Italy.

This sad event marks the disappearance of possibly the last of the insurance law giants of his generation. Please keep us informed of any initiatives to honour his legacy.


Prof. Marcel Fontaine Louvain Law School, Belgium :

I am also very affected by the news of Professor Gambino’s leaving us. During the many years when I had several opportunities to meet him and work with him in AIDA activities, I always admired and enjoyed his warm personal and high intellectual qualities. It is a great loss for AIDA and all of us. Please forward my condolences to his family.


Dr. Alonso Nunez del Prado simons , AIDA Peru:

I am so sorry. Please pass on  my condolences to the family of Prof. Gambino.


Dr . Neftalí Garro, AIDA Costa Rica President:

On behalf of the Costa Rican section of AIDA, I would like to express our deepest sympathy and condolences in these difficult times. May we honor Prof. Gambino by remembering always his many contributions to our field.



Lamentamos, profundamente, el triste y doloroso fallecimiento del Profesor Agostino Gambino, uno de los más ilustres  y brillantes académicos del Derecho italiano, con vigencia y reconocimiento a nivel MUNDIAL.

Sus valiosos aportes al Derecho privado, en especial en el campo del Derecho de Seguros, serán recordados por siempre, por su enjundia, penetración, agudeza, y valía.

La AIDA, que tanto quería, en particular la querida Sección Italiana en la que, sin excepción, ocupó un estelar papel, justificadamente deberá recordarlo como uno de los más emblemáticos y sobresalientes miembros, indeclinablemente interesado en su bienestar y en su merecido engrandecimiento.

Al gran Maestro A. Gambino, tan cercano a nuestros más antiguos, respetuosos y sinceros afectos, al igual que a su distinguida familia y también a la prestante Sección Italiana de AIDA, un reconocimiento irrestricto, y un agradecimiento infinito (q.e.p.d).

Cuánta nostalgia y desazón, ciertamente, genera su partida terrenal.

Gracias Maestro por su generoso apoyo y acompañamiento.


Dr. Juan Manuel Díaz-Granados Ortiz , Colombia :

En nombre de la Asociación Colombiana de Derecho de Seguros ACOLDESE, expresamos nuestras condolencias por el fallecimiento del profesor Agostino Gambino, quien realizado invaluables aportes al derecho de seguros.


Prof. Birgit Kuschke, AIDA South Africa :

My sincere condolences to those who worked closely with him and knew him well.


Prof. Dr. Capitolina Tourbina, AIDA Russia :

What a sad news. Please share my condolences with AIDA Italy, his family and friends.


Anna Tarasiuk, AIDA Poland:

I am really sorry to hear that. Condolences to the family.


Dr. Sandra Ramirez, AIDA Bolivia:

I am so sorry R I P


Richard Traub, USA:

So sad. Condolences to his family.


Prof. Dr. Carlos Estebenet, AIDA Argentina :

I express my condolences to the Professor's family.


Dr. Luis Felipe Pellon, AIDA Brazil :

Really very sad .Condolences to the family.


Michael Mendelowitz, Honorary member of AIDA PC :

May I add my own short words of sorrow and sympathy to Prof Gambino’s family and colleagues in the Italian chapter of AIDA – and also recount some happier memories? 

Whenever there was an AIDA event in Rome during my period of office as Assistant Secretary-General – and there were numerous such occasions because the Italian chapter was (as it is now) one of the most active and vibrant in our association – Prof Gambino would host a dinner for the participants at his home, which doubled as his offices.  The house has what must surely be one of the most beautiful private gardens in the city, and the Roman climate fortunately always permitted al fresco dining.  I recall, with great pleasure, evenings spent under the stars in Prof Gambino’s garden, with excellent food and wine and convivial company, always presided over by the most distinguished and gracious of hosts

He will be fondly remembered and sadly missed.


Dr. Ioannis Rokkas, AIDA Greece :

It is with great sorrow that I have heard of Agostino Gambino's passing away. Agostino was a man with a strong personality, enormous recognition in his country and beyond, an eminent stakeholder of our society and legal culture, a true peer and noble-minded person that served as Minister of the Italian Republic. His fame did not come only in relation to insurance law but encompassed the broader spectrum of private law, his involvement in advocacy and participation in society's scheme of things. AIDA' family, of which Agostino was a prominent figure (President of its Italian Chapter and active member of AIDA World) has lost a most valuable member. I met my friend Augostino in many occasions and worked with him in AIDA sessions in many countries since the '80s. I vividely remember the impressive reception he organised in his house in Rome for AIDA's PC.

My warmest condolences to his wife and other family members.