AIDA World  mourns the passing away of Prof. Gerrit Winter, Honorary PC member, a distinguished scholar, expert in German and European Insurance Law, talented painter and gentleman.

AIDA World PC Members remember our dear honorary Presidential Council Member, Gerrit Winter.


Peggy Sharon, AIDA World President:

Gerrit will be always remembered by us for his outstanding personality and professionalism.

Gerrit was also a talented painter who painted several AIDA World founders.

A few months ago, I corresponded with Gerrit who offered to send these paintings for presentation in the History section of our website, which we were very grateful to accept and upload.

My deep condolences in my name and on behalf of all PC members to Gerrit's family, to the Hamburg University, and the German Chapter of AIDA, for the great loss.


Andrea Signorino, AIDA World General Secretary:

Another great loss for the academic world and for the AIDA family. Dr. Winter was a reference in life insurance for all… I remember him at the World congress in Rome, a very kind and simple person, being a renowned professor… My condolences to his family and to AIDA Germany.


Jerome Kullmann, Honorary AIDA World President:

Deep condolences to Gerrit Winter's family and the University of Hamburg for the great loss.

An outstanding scholar and kind personality.


Michael Gill, Honorary AIDA World President:

Such sad news. I greatly enjoyed our catch ups and conversation, both personal and professional 

My sincere condolences to his family and friends and the AIDA community.


Colin Croly, PC Member, Honorary General Secretary

Not only was Gerrit an expert in his field, intellectually stimulating and a great talent, he was a gentleman of immense courtesy and grace. Clare and I will miss him and extend condolences to Christiane and the family.


Birgit Kuschke, AIDA World Vice President:

My condolences. I referred to his publications in my doctoral thesis and was thrilled to meet him in person at AIDA. We communicated often in the past years. He was truly a kind emphatic person and will be missed. 


Kyriaki Noussia, AIDA World Vice President:

Huge loss

May he RIP.

Richard Traub, AIDA World Vice President:

Rest In Peace Dr. Winter.

Our condolences to his family and colleagues. 


Rob Merkin, Head of Scientific Committee:

Gerrit will be greatly missed.


Alonso Nunez del Prado Simons, PC Member – Peru:

My condolences to his family and AIDA in Germany. 


Anna Tarasiuk, PC Member – Poland:

My sincere condolences. May He Rest in Peace.


Capitolina Tourbina, PC Member – Russia:

What sad news, we are losing such a great name and outstanding person.

My sincere sorrows, and pass my Condolences to his family.


Caroline Van Schoubroeck, PC Member – Belgium:

My sincere condolences and those of AIDA Belgium to his Family and to AIDA Germany.


Hans Wansink, PC Member – the Netherlands:

The death of Gerrit Winter feels like a great shock. My wife and I met Gerrit and Christiane at many AIDA-occasions from 1978 until 2006. It was always a great pleasure and I will remember him as a excellent legal scholar and a very concerned personality . Please pass our condolences to his family.


Herman Cousy, PC Member – Belgium:

Dear Family of Professor Gerrit Winter and Dear Colleagues,

I am among those who have known Professor Gerrit Winter and I had the pleasure to meet him and his wife Christiane at several occasions. The news of his death is very saddening  and I join the big  Aida family in offering sincere condolences to the family and  intimates of this distinguished  man and lawyer.


Ioannis Rokas, Honorary PC Member – Greece:

Gerrit Winter was a beacon of culture, class, kindness and deep knowledge of private law, in particular insurance law. But perhaps above all and most distinctively, Gerrit has been a true Gentleman, of the kind that is less frequently encountered in our times. I have known Gerrit in person for more than 50 years and will forever cherish his presence in my life. Although we did not meet often, his insights on German and European insurance law marked a constant presence. I am very sad that Gerrit will no longer be with us, but I know he will always be remembered and honored. I am offering my deepest condolences to his beloved wife, Christiane, and his children Frederik and Christine.


Jorge Angell, Honorary PC Member – Spain:

My sympathy to his familty and AIDA Germany.


Luis Felipe Pellon, PC Member – Brazil:

I had the rare and happy opportunity to be close to Prof. Dr. Guerrit Winter on a daily basis when, for four long years, I developed researches in the Department of Insurance Law at the University of Hamburg, now under your brilliant direction. Extremely kind and helpful he, even though he was not my Mentor (Doktor Vater applies much better!), was always available to discuss any topic and help me in research. He often even met with students outside the University for pleasant conversations about the world of law. After this time, we met countless times, in congresses, AIDA meetings and even on social occasions. Always accompanied by his friendly and refined wife, Christiane. His skills as a painter are recognized and filled his free time after the well-deserved retirement.

Because of his solid experience, technical and linguistic knowledge he transcended the borders of Germany to become a citizen of the world. He has influenced many generations of lawyers and jurists and will always have a prominent place in our hearts and minds. We will for sure be greatly missed!


Manfred Wandt, PC Member – Germany:

My condolences to his family. The German insurance law has lost an important scientist who was very devoted to AIDA.


Marano Pierpaolo, PC Member – Italy:

My deep condolences to Prof. Gerrit Winter's family and AIDA Germany.


Margarida Lime Rego, PC Member – Portugal:

Another great jurist has passed. He will be remembered. I was just checking: in my PhD thesis, I made reference to his work more than fifty times. Although I wrote a substantial part of my thesis in Hamburg, I did not meet him then. A few years afterwards, I was fortunate to have met him personally through AIDA. I am very thankful for that. Please convey my deep condolences and those of AIDA Portugal to his Family and to AIDA Germany.


Nakaide Satoshi, PC Member – Japan:

My condolences to his family and AIDA in Germany. 

He kindly attended my presentation at Hamburg and we met together a few times afterwards. I was very impressed with his hospitality, warm personality, and wonderful paintings, not to mention his great work in insurance law.


Rafael Illescas, PC Member – Spain:

To Gerrit's family and the Hambourg University - my sorrow and condolences, and the SEAIDA sorrow, after the passing away of Prof. Gerrit Winter.


Robert Koch, PC Member – Germany:

Gerrit was an outstanding and highly respected legal scholar in Germany, wrote books and articles on supervisory law and life insurance. He was chairman of the Working Party State Supervision of Insurance for many years, and he was an honorary member of the PC.

You may remember the last Zoom conferences where Gerrit always used pictures painted by himself as a background image.

He will be greatly missed.


Samim Unan, Honorary PC Member – Turkey:

My deepest condolences.

Prof Winter's very important work about life insurances (in Bruck/Möller) was the main source when I prepared my PhD (also about life insurances). 

I had the privilege of meeting him during the World Congress in Rome.

I had the opportunity to admire his paintings very recently.

Peace be with him. He will always be remembered as one of the leading authors in the field of life insurances by Turkish colleagues.  


Sara Landini, PC Member – Italy:

My condolences to Aida Germany and  to his family, he was part of the history of insurance law. I met him in Roma at the world congress. It was a big privilege.