With great pleasure we note the initiative of a number of colleagues from insurance, reinsurance companies, private practice law firms as well as from the academia, to form a new AIDA Chapter in Luxembourg. The initiative is lead by Diego Manzetti, General Counsel Europe of AIG in Luxembourg with a number of colleagues. 

In preparation of the formation, an event was held on 12 February 2020, which was attended by more than [90] interested delegates, who expressed an overwhelming support for the formation of an AIDA Luxembourg Chapter. During the event David Cowan, Team Leader on Conduct of Business Policy at The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA), provided an overview of the implementation of the IDD by member states, looking also at the approach taken in relation to the identification of general good rules.

In the light of the reinforcement of Luxembourg as an important marketplace for insurers and reinsurers, including as a result following the recent BREXIT, the formation of an AIDA Chapter is seen as a great opportunity to contribute the furtherance of knowledge and development of insurance law and regulatory issues in an important insurance place. The initiative by the Luxembourg colleagues is fully in line with AIDA's and AIDA Europe's aspirations on a global and European level.

The completion of the application process for the formation of the Luxembourg AIDA Chapter is expected to be done in the coming months. AIDA Europe will assist the Luxembourg colleagues in this process. 

Diego Manzetti [Diego.Manzetti@AIG.com] is happy to provide any further information to those interested in the initiative. 

Best wishes to Diego and the team!

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Christian Felderer, Chairman AIDA Europe