On 29 February 2020 AIDA said goodbye to Sandra Dellimore, who stood down as administrative secretary to both the AIDA World Secretariat and the AIDA Europe Secretariat.

Sandra assumed these respective roles when Colin Croly took office as AIDA Secretary-General in 1990 and as the first AIDA Europe Chair in 2007.

These job titles do scant justice to the extraordinary contribution Sandra has personally made to every aspect of AIDA’s operations for both half her - and its - lifetime and for AIDA Europe since its inception.

The words, “Ask Sandra” have been used for so long in conjunction with almost every aspect of AIDA’s administration and in the organisation and management of every one of AIDA Europe’s eight Conferences to date that our appreciation of her contribution is bound only to rise as we now continue without her as she turns, with all our thanks, to attend to family concerns with as much skill, good humour and dedication as she has afforded AIDA over so many years.

Peggy Sharon - AIDA President | Christian Felderer – AIDA Europe Chair

NB: Until any direct successor of Sandra is appointed all Secretariat enquiries of AIDA World and AIDA Europe should continue to be directed via the respective Secretariat email addresses.