The Executive Committee and the Presidential Council members held their meetings  on 2nd and 3rd May in Tel Aviv and participated in an Insurance Conference hosted by the Israeli Bar Association.

Most of the  panels were moderated by AIDA PC members, with participation of Israeli  top lawyers,  and dealt with  issues and hot topics which attracted the interest of the audience-  :

Technological developments in Insurtech- a mind blowing presentation by Kobi Bendelak, head of InsurTech Israel,

Reinsurance and Insurance topics (moderators Jerome and Carlos)  subrogation by foreign insurers, conflicts of interest in Liability  Insurance,

The Insurance Contract-(prof. R. Avraham from Tel Aviv University, and Peggy) whether a specific arrangement in favor of the insured or – a contract?

Cyber Insurance , Cyber attacks supported by States and the new exclusion in cyber policiesliability for infringement of Privacy right, and the Market perspective of a broker,

Motor vehicles (Sara Landini): Parametric Insurance and smart cars, lack of coverage to electric bicycles and scooters,

New Technologies (Andrea): Fire risk of electric car- a different risk- Gabriel Vivas, Third Party damage – non coverage by apartments insurance,

General Principles of  Insurance  (Margarida): the deductible in Third Party claims; how far is the insurer bound by the contractual obligations of the insured

Catastrophes an Climate  Events (Chris): Sinkholes and other pits in the ground  not caused by the geologic phenomena , excluded?; review of Covid19 claims- BI and Employers Liability; Earthquakes- insurance gap.