The International Association of Insurance Law, TOGO branch (hereinafter AIDATOGO) was born from the desire of its members to create a forum for communication and exchanges around the Inter-African Conference on Insurance Markets (CIMA) law and hence insurance law in TOGO.

Recognizing the lack of information about legal activities related to insurance in the CIMA space, the members of the AIDA-TOGO want to promote the law of insurance related activities in Togo, Africa (CIMA Space) and the world from comparative law.

It strives to make the values to which it is committed to the reach of the large number of people who make "insurance law" their daily experience.

For this reason, AIDA-TOGO vulgarizes through its conferences, training and seminars, its digital platform, Togolese law, and sub-regional law based on comparative law. It contributes, moreover, to the legal capacity building of the insurance industry professionals through articles writing, comments on court decisions and insurance law journals.

AIDA-TOGO is also an ideal, dynamic framework for training and information for the insurance world actors namely researchers, the students, the insurance companies, general agents, brokers, agents of insurance companies, business providers or insurance sales agents.

AIDA is an apolitical association, without distinction of race, sex, origin, nationality, and religion. It was created under Law No. 40-484 of 1 July 1901.