AIDA is a non-profit making international association, which since its foundation in 1960, promotes and develops knowledge and understanding of Insurance Law.

Our activities are based on collaboration between all our members worldwide, including 44 National Chapters and affiliated institutions, involving academics, practicing lawyers and stakeholders of the insurance markets.

AIDA EUROPE is the European arm of AIDA. It is a non-profit association with a pan-European footprint which builds on international cooperation and joint effort to promote the research, study, and development of the law, on the basis of scientific and humanitarian principles.

We have learnt that international cooperation makes us better understand different cultures, religions, and countries. In our discussions, we adhere to the rule of law, and believe in the strength of negotiations.

On this background, we view with great sorrow that the acts of aggression by the Russian Federation against Ukraine violate the fundamental principles of international law, as expressed in the Charter of the United Nations, which obliges all Member States to refrain in their international relations from the use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of another state (Art.2(4) of UN-Charter).

Such violation challenges the obligations, values and agreements on which peace, as painfully achieved, is safeguarded.

We grieve for the resulting human loss and ensuing devastation. 

We call for an end to the use of force against the population of Ukraine and for a start of negotiations for the restoration of peace and the rule of law. 

We will continue to be a bridge connecting people.