Since the outbreak of Covid-19 changed how everybody has been able to conduct their business, AIDA’s Presidential Council, Working Parties and Regional Groupings have all been active, like AIDA National Chapters, in addressing different facets of the impact of the coronavirus via virtual meetings and electronically collated reports.

Further to the series of reports of Covid-19 responses in 26 countries filed by members of the AIDA Presidential Council loaded on the AIDA website between March and May 2020, to which there will be further additions, the series of webinars and virtual meetings arranged by a mixture of AIDA and CILA Working Parties continues with further events already listed in August, September and October.

On 24 May 2020 CILA compiled details of all the Covid-19 presentations conducted via video link from a number of the CILA member countries and associated entities, a copy of which is now attached. Links are provided to the various platforms, including Instagram@cilaaida and Facebook@cilaaida1, for sight of the presentations. An AIDA YouTube channel is also being created to serve as a platform for easy access to all AIDA recorded sessions.

On 17 September 2020, AIDA Europe, in conjunction with the PRICL Project Group and the AIDA Reinsurance Working Party and the AIDA Dispute Resolution Working Party, is to be examining the application of the Principles of Reinsurance Contract Law (PRICL) in a live environment with arguments being presented by the parties in front of a single arbitrator and with a legal opinion for the case, rendered by an Advocate General, in a PRICL Mock Arbitration, to which anyone interested is invited to register upon the link provided on this page: