Under the direction and editorship of the Chair of the AIDA Europe Scientific Committee, Prof. Dr Pierpaolo Marano, the AIDA Europe Research Series on Insurance Law & Regulation has been launched and published by Springer.

Described as the first book series of its kind in this area of specialisation, the series was launched with the publication of the first book in the series, “InsurTech: A Legal and Regulatory View”, jointly edited by  Prof. Dr Pierpaolo Marano and    

Dr Kyriaki Noussia. Written by legal scholars and practitioners, the book offers international, comparative and European perspectives on the subject. This followed consideration of many such issues initially explored in AIDA Europe’s 7th AIDA Europe Conference and the associated Call for Papers held in Warsaw in April 2018.

The next book in the series scheduled for publication is: “Transparency in Insurance Contract Law”, again jointly edited by  Prof. Dr Pierpaolo Marano and Dr Kyriaki Noussia.  

See https://www.springer.com/series/16331