AIDA-US is the US Chapter of AIDA World.

The AIDA US Chapter was formed many years ago and included at the time, US ARIAS membership.  However, since 2017 it has been reconstituted as a new, fresh organization with a re-commitment to the goals, objectives and ideals of AIDA World. 

It is uniquely connected and networked with other AIDA member organizations around the world, formed with the purpose of creating an accessible forum in which insurance education is promoted, reviewed, developed and debated through seminars, workshops, conferences and the digital media.   

AIDA-US will provide a forum for discussion of any topic of insurance or insurance law, considering and discussing matters of interest to those in the US and the whole of North America.  It strives to add value to members through these regional, national and international affiliations affording opportunities to develop relationships, foster constructive industry dialogue and promote insurance law education.  Its goal is to improve the understanding of insurance law and the insurance industry though educational initiatives and to raise awareness of issues that impact insurance law and the insurance industry through informed commentary. 

Meetings and structure:

There will be three primary types of meetings going forward: 1. Regional, 2. Annual Meetings, and 3. Webinars and Webcasts.       

In the short term, primarily webinars are envisioned. As AIDA-US grows in membership numbers, regional and national meetings, educational events, mentoring programs and more will follow. 

AIDA and AIDA-US in conjunction with certain other AIDA Chapters have already co-sponsored two significant educational events with the Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel (FDCC).  

The first was in connection with the FDCC meeting in Switzerland in 2017. The AIDA Swiss Chapter was primarily responsible for that joint endeavour. The second event was a conference held in Singapore in October 2017, co-sponsored with AIDA Australia (AILA); AIDA New Zealand (NZILA); AIDA Singapore (ILAS), and again, the FDCC. 

Such meetings are demonstrative of the scope and reach of AIDA-US. The co-sponsorship of events with other similarly situated entities with similar interests is proposed.


Membership is offered to anyone with an interest in insurance law. Current membership is near 100 and includes academia, in-house representatives, attorneys, the judiciary, brokers, TPAs and experts. The goal of AIDA US in short order is to add a young professional/student section.  

As its membership builds, AIDA US will be conducting webcasts on topics of the day, blogs, and ultimately aims to sponsor regional and national conferences. The focus will be to offer extensive programming on topics of interest to the industry ranging from Climate Change to Reinsurance, from Cyber Security to Tech E & O, and, of course, Insurtech.  

There are multiple “Working Parties” or substantive law sections of AIDA-US. They include Accumulation of Claims and Subrogation; Climate Change and Catastrophic Events; Credit Insurance; Dispute Resolution; Accumulation of Claims; Distribution of Insurance Products; Marine Insurance; New Technologies, Prevention and Insurance; Reinsurance; Motor Insurance, New Technologies, Prevent & Insurance; State Supervision of Insurance among others.  

AIDA US supported the 2018 World Congress in Brazil and is committed to full support of the quadrennial AIDA World Congresses going forward.  Represented upon the AIDA Presidential Council and International Working Parties, full support will be provided to those meetings as well. 


AIDA US operates as a not-for-profit entity, per its By-Laws. At present, dues are not required of its members as it is fully supported by sponsors. Membership in AIDA-US is required for election to the Board. 

The Board of Directors of AIDA US, i.e. its President, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer are currently appointed without a term limit. As its membership and base expands, additional positions and term limits may be set.

As of 1 January 2018 the Board comprises (in addition to Accolade Management, serving in an Executive Secretary role): 

  • Mr Richard K. Traub (President)
  • 322 Highway 35, Red Bank
    New Jersey
  • +1 732 985 1000,7011


Mr Richard Traub


Ms Victoria H. Roberts

Vice President

Mr Bernd Heinze