Försäkrings-Juridiska Föreningen (FjF) 

Insurance Legal Association, the Swedish Section of AIDA

The Försäkrings-Juridiska Föreningen (FjF)- the Insurance Legal Association -  was formed in 1932 to promote in-depth interest in national and international insurance and civil liability issues, as well as to support insurance and compensation and indemnity issues in other ways.

Since 2013 the FjF has constituted the Swedish National Section of AIDA.

Fuller details of the history and activities of Försäkrings-Juridiska Föreningen (FjF) can be found on its website: www.forsakringsjuridiskaforeningen.se

  • Ms Christina Lamm (Chair)
  • Försäkrings-Juridiska Föreningen (FjF)
    Box 7251
    103 89 Stockholm
  • info@forsakringsjuridiskaforeningen.se

Principal Officer