Asociación Mexicana de Derecho de Seguros y Fianzas (AMEDESEF)

Mexican Insurance and Bonds Law Association

AMEDESEF is the Mexican Chapter of AIDA. Formed on 27 December 1960, AMEDESEF has been historically joined by lawyers and other professionals who specialise in the insurance and bonding industry.

For the last 6 decades, AMEDSEF has promoted and encouraged discussions and analysis in insurance and bonding related laws, regulations and legislative initiates that have taken place in Mexico. AMEDESEF has also promoted and encourage academic efforts towards the study of insurance and bonding law. It has also international presence constantly joining efforts and cooperating in international initiatives with other associations such as the American Bar Association, CILA and AIDA. AMEDESEF constantly gives insurance and bonding law related lectures and provides opinions on technical law matters.

AMSEDEF’s mission is to encourage the study of insurance and bonding law, acting as a forum for all interested parties and personnel involved in the insurance and bonding market, promoting the discussion of relevant legal topics and boosting the analysis of said topics from different points of view, always looking to elevate the standards of practice in the insurance and bonding markets.

AMEDESEF acts as a consulting party as well as an arbitration manager in insurance and bonding related matters, providing its interpretation, opinion and solution to matters derived from insurance and bonding contracts.

AMEDESEF is currently drafting a working plan for the next four years. Special emphasis will be made upon the strenghtening of AMEDESEF’s relationship with CILA and AIDA.

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At the end of 2017, AMEDESEF held elections. The New General Directorate (2018/2022) took office in January 2018.

  • Mr Miguel Ángel De la Fuente Estrada (Chairman)
  • Paseo de la Reforma 412
    26th Floor, Col. Juarez
    Mexico City
  • +52 55 1102 3598


Lic. Julio César Espinosa Magaña

Insurance Deputy Chairman

Mr Juan Pablo Téllez

Bonding Deputy Chairman

Mr Gerardo Servín Guiot

Committees Co-ordinator

Dr Pablo Medina Magallanes

Designated AIDA representative