Cyprus Forum of Insurance Lawyers

AIDA Cyprus

The Forum of Insurance Lawyers has been formed to promote the interests and fair administration of justice with particular focus to insurance law related litigation and resolution of insurance disputes. FIL’s mainly procures at:

  • Utilising/sharing its members wealth of knowledge and experience in the field arising from everyday problems in connection with the handling of insurance related disputes;
  • Finding, proposing solutions and promoting the application of new or best practice;  
  • Following up on the developments of the law and regulations in Cyprus as well as corresponding developments in EU member states or other developed countries;
  • Collaboration with other organisations, governmental, regulatory, advisory, professional bodies;
  • Education of its members and other professionals through the organisation of seminars and events aiming at higher degrees of specialisation amongst its members and other industry professionals;
  • Acquiring a voice in law reform and other decision making processes at all levels where proposals or potential decisions may affect insurance related disputes/claims and generally promoting healthy networking;
  • Safeguarding that the procedures and practices applied from the generation of an insurance related dispute or claim up to its adjudication/resolution, are efficient so as to secure that the outcome adequately protects the insurance industry by facilitating (a) the fair compensation of genuine claimants/insured(s) or victims being third party(ies) or not and (b) the respective rights of insurance companies to defend are sufficiently safeguarded and applied from the early stages of claims, guarding against fabricated/exaggerated claims, which, as a balancing exercise, would ensure that insurance proceeds are properly and efficiently allocated and protected;  
  • Keeping its members alert of new amendments/developments in the law and of new challenges, to accommodate the fact that the field becomes more demanding and more specialised as the years progress;
  • Building confidence and trust with legal and other professionals in the field, so that FIL gains the necessary confidence and credibility and establish itself as a valuable and respectful body in shaping the industry developments, from a legal perspective.