AIDA BRASIL – Seçăo Brasileira de AIDA

AIDA Brasil - AIDA Brazilian Section

It is a non-profit organization established to provide a forum for the promotion, review, development and debate of Brazilian insurance law and theory. It holds regular talks and maintains an ongoing liaison with the insurance / reinsurance, private pension, pension funds and broking sectors of the insurance industry.

It was founded in 1960 and its first president was Ângelo Mario de Moraes Cerne. Its first head office was in Rio and in 1973 it was moved to São Paulo.

Membership is restricted to lawyers: individual, corporate and academic/student members.

AIDA BRASIL has 16 working groups, 3 regional groups and one special commission for young lawyers.


AIDA BRASIL is led by its Committee, made up of National Board Members.

  • Juliano Rodrigues Ferrer (President)
  • Rua da Consolaçăo, no. 222
    8° andar, conjuntos 81 e 82
    Centro, Săo Paolo/SP
  • +55 11 3159 4968


Victor Augusto Benes Senhora

1st Vice President

Dr Maria Amelia Saraiva

2nd Vice President

Dr Pery Saraiva Neto

Academic Vice-President Director

Dr Vivien Lys Porto Ferreira da Silva

Vice President of Institutional Relations

Dr Gaya Lehn Schneider Paulino

Director Vice President of Communication

Bárbara Bassani

Vice President of International Relations

Milena Fratin

Vice President of Events

Dr Luis Antonio Giampaulo Sarro

Vice President of Legislative Affairs

Adilson Neri Pereira

Vice President of Planning and Projects

Cláudia Heck

Chief Legal Officer

Guadalupe Nascimento

Vice President of Compliance

em. Prof. Dr Ana Rita Petraroli Barretto

Deliberative Council Member

Dr Maria da Glória Faria

Deliberative Council Member

Dr Adilson José Campoy

Deliberative Council Member

Dr Washington Luís Bezerra da Silva

Deliberative Council Member

Dr Antonio Penteado Mendonça

Deliberative Council Member

Dr Ivan Luiz Gontijo Júnior

Deliberative Council Member

Dr Angélica Luciá Carlini

Deliberative Council Member

Dr Lene Araújo de Lima

Deliberative Council Member

Dr Luiz Tavares Pereira Filho

Deliberative Council Member

Dr Márcio Alexandre Malfatti

Deliberative Council Member

Dr Ricardo Bechara dos Santos

Deliberative Council Member

Dr Solange Beatriz Palheiro Mendes

Deliberative Council Member