AIDA Bolivia

AIDA Bolivia was founded in April 2007, as the result of the initiative of fourteen insurance professionals who are the founding members:  Alfonso Lopez del Solar, Carlos Baudoin, Francisco Gomez, Gisela Perez, Hector Ponce de Leon V., Jaime Ponce G., José Alfredo Arce, Jose Roberto Arze, Justino Avendaño R., Luis Villanueva, Mauricio Ipiña, Oscar Chambi, Sandra Ramírez B. and Tatiana Ovando. 

Most of them continue today actively promoting and participating in a demanding agenda of activities set under the visionary leadership of President, Dr. Jaime Ponce Garcia, who has chaired the Chapter since its foundation.

AIDA Bolivia´s purpose is to make a relevant contribution to the scientific development, study and dissemination of insurance, favouring international academic exchange and collaboration in this area, with special involvement both on a regional level /LATAM) and in the international outreach of AIDA’s worldwide organization.

AIDA Bolivia has created eighteen National Working Groups to concentrate upon specific areas of insurance law. 

Additionally, it has a number of members across the major cities in Bolivia concerned with Young AIDA activities.

AIDA Bolivia has organized numerous academic events in the most relevant cities of the country such as La Paz and Santa Cruz. These events have always been praised for the outstanding quality of the invited speakers, the relevance of the subjects addressed and as a very useful tool in the process of training young professionals coming from the numerous disciplines involved in the insurance industry, not only as independent attendees, but also sponsored by the main players of the Bolivian insurance market (companies, brokers, claims adjusters, law firms, the supervising authority and many others.

In addition, AIDA Bolivia has actively participated through its members in various international events relating to insurance law and insurance business in general, hosted mainly by AIDA National Chapters and its governing bodies. The events attended were held in different countries of the American continent and Europe.

Fuller details of the history and activities of AIDA Bolivia can be found on its website:


AIDA Bolivia presently has a Committee and appointed National Working Group Presidents as follows:

  • Jaime Ponce Garcia (President)
  • +591 77241434


Dr Jaime Ponce García

Board Member

Dr Tatiana Ovando

Member and President of New Technologies, Prevention & Insurance National Working Group

Dr Alejandra Arana

President of Bancassurance National Working Group

Dr Alfonso Lopez del Solar

President of Motor Insurance National Working Group

Dr Andres Moreno G.

President of General Principles of the Insurance Contract National Working Group

Dr Tania Carola Hidalgo Montenegro

President of the Insurance Distribution National Working Group

Dr Guillermo Aponte R.O.

President of the Microinsurance National Working Group

Dr Jorge Valle Vargas

President of the Cargo & Marine Insurance National Working Group

Dr Justino Avendaño R.

President of the State Supervision of Insurance National Working Group

Dr Kattia Macchiavelli T.

President of the Consumer Protection National Working Group

Dr Nora Claros

President of the Insurance Fraud National Working Group

Dr Susana Peñaranda B.

President of the Reinsurance National Working Group

Dr Ivan Salame Gonzáles-Aramayo

President of the Arbitration National Working Group

Dr Cayo Salinas

President of the Civil Liability National Working Group

Dr Javier Gonzalo Zabalaga Pericon

President of the Life Insurance, Pensions & Mutual Insurance National Working Group

Dr Hugo Via

President of the Accumulation of Claims & Subrogation National Working Group

Dr Clara A. Quiroz Mercado

President of the Credit Insurance & Surety National Working Group

Dr Carlos Rivero A.

President of the Compulsory Insurance National Working Group

Dr Violeta Lopez

President of the Climate Change National Working Group