Australian Insurance Law Association (AILA)

The Australian Insurance Law Association (AILA) was formed in 1983, and is a highly regarded, independent, not-for-profit association represented in every state and territory of Australia.

AILA’s objective is to promote, review, develop, debate and educate industry-specific information on insurance law and issues through educational seminars and conferences, and networking events.

AILA also offers annual membership with individual and corporate packages are also available.

AILA’s membership and friends are not restricted to the law, and comprises of judges, barristers, lawyers (in-house and private), academics, accountants, insurers, reinsurers, brokers, corporates, government, regulators, suppliers and more.

AILA provides:

  • An annual national conference
  • Five editions of e-zine Resolve produced exclusively for AILA & NZILA
  • Educational, soft-skill training and networking events
  • University prizes
  • A Young Professionals network
  • A life insurance section
  • TecHUB
  • Annual prizes for life membership and the insurance law prize
  • A mentor program 
  • An online knowledge library of videos, white papers and training materials
  • Mr Cameron Roberts (National Board President)
  • +61 3 9641 8696


Mr Cameron Roberts


Ms Melanie Quixley

Vice President

Ms Kim Bradey


Ms Sue Vidler


Mr Angus Kench

Immediate Past President

Mr Christopher Rodd

AIDA Representative

Mr Andrew Lillico

Board Member

Mr Luke Taylor

Board Member

Mr Anthony Hillary

Board Member

Ms Chau Donnan

Board Member

Mr David Lee

Board Member

Mr Lance Schmidt

Board Member

Ms Justine Siavelis

Board Member

Mr Dylan Steel

Board Member

Mr Damon Symes

Board Member

Mr Scott Duell

Board Member

Mr Daniel Robinson

YP Ex-Officio Representative