Asociacion Argentina de Derecho de Seguros (AADS) 

Argentine Association of Insurance Law

The Asociacion Argentina de Derecho de Seguros (Argentine Association of Insurance Law) was founded on December 22, 1960 as a section of the Association Internationale de Droit des Assurances (AIDA) which was created in April of the same year.

Its organizers were Professors Isaac Halperin, Hector Cámara, Rodolfo O. Fontanarrosa, Guillermo Michelson, Enrique Mackinlay Zapiola, Carlos C. Malagarriga, Guido Marocco, Guillermo G. Lascano, Maximo Daniel Monzon, Juan Carlos Felix Morandi, Wenceslao Oneto, Hermes Pinnel, Carlos Juan Zavala Rodríguez and Eduardo R. Steinfeld.

On the provisional creation of the Argentine Section, the Republic of Argentina started to participate as a member of the international organization and attended the Initial Assembly on April 5, 1962 in Rome, when the first World Congress of Insurance Law was held, sponsored by AIDA.  Prof. Isaac Halperín was appointed Vice President of the Presidential Council of the international organization, and the Republic of Argentina was represented by Morandi and Steinfeld.

In August 1962, the Bylaws of Asociacion Argentina de Derecho de Seguros were approved.

Special mention must be made of the purpose set forth in the Bylaws of the Association: the study and promotion of Insurance Law and related matters, of any kind whatsoever, by supporting and developing international cooperation in this field. This aim is in line with the vision and the spirit of the person considered the founder of AIDA., illustrious Professor Antígono Donati. Like visions were manifested by the other distinguished members who participated with Prof. Donati in the organization of AIDA.

In 1975, Juan Carlos Felix Morandi, who was the initial Secretary of the Argentine Section, became President.

During all the years Morandi was the head of the Association, there was a huge expansion in the number of courses, congresses and conferences related to Insurance Law as well as in the creation of Institutes countrywide.

The Association developed an intense activity and achieved significant goals such as sending important delegations to world congresses held every four years as well as hosting local conferences every two years with the attendance of a great number of local members and members from neighbouring countries.

In 1996, Prof. Eduardo R. Steinfeld became President to hold office until 2000.

Since then and until 2014, the Association was presided over by Prof. Claudio Horst Speyer.

At the same time, the Ibero-Latin-American Committee of AIDA (CILA) started to gain weight, with an active participation of Argentina which contributed with two presidents: Prof. Juan Carlos Félix Morandi and Prof.  Eduardo Mangialardi.

The Argentine Section was the host to three Ibero-Latin-American Congresses held in 1969, 1993 and 2001 and to a World Congress held in 2006.

In the 2014 Assembly, Felipe Francisco Aguirre was elected President, and brought a new expansion process with intense academic activity and Management Board member renewal.

The position of President has been held on a rotation basis, Prof. Dr Carlos Estebenet succeeeded Prof. Maria Fabiana Compiani in the office as President, together with new authorities, as from June 2022.

At present, the Argentine Section is composed of over 150 members and 8 Insurances Law Institutes, in different country locations.

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AADS is a non-profit organization created for the purpose of studying and promoting all matters related to Insurance Law, of any kind whatsoever, by supporting and developing international co-operation in this field.

The Association is governed and managed by three bodies: a) General Assembly of Members; b) Management Board; and c) Executive Committee. In May 2018 when YOUNG AIDA within AADS (AIDA Argentina) was established additional YOUNG AIDA within AADS officers were also appointed.

The Management Board as from October 2020 is as follows:

  • Prof. Dr Carlos Estebenet (President)
  • Talcahuano 833 piso 10°
    Edificio Talcahuano Plaza
    Ciudad de Buenos Aires
    Argentina. 1013
  • +54 11 52729600
  • +54911 4478 5427


Dr Susana Kraiselburd

First Vice President

Dr Carlos José María Facal

Second Vice President

Dr Graciela Testón

Third Vice President

Dr Joaquin Hernandez

Board Member

Dr Rossana Bril

Board Member

Dr Felipe Aguirre

Board Member

Prof. Gregorio Garro

Board Member

Dr Carlos Schiavo

Board Member

Dr Santiago Esquivel

Audit Committee Regular Member

Dr Maria Celeste Colombo

Audit Committee Alternate Member