Webinar: Climate Change & Insurance Implications in 2021: A Time for Universal Coordinated Action? Joint Meeting of the AIDA Climate & Catastrophic Events Working Party, the AIDA-US Chapter and the Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel (FDCC)

14:30hrs – 15:45hrs - Co-ordinated Universal Time (UTC)

Virtual – Zoom webinar

Europe: 15:30hrs – 16:45hrs BST/WEST | 16:30hrs – 17:45hrs  CEST | 17:30hrs -18:45hrs EEST 

North America: 07:30hrs - 08:45hrs PDT |10:30hrs – 11:45hrs EDT 

South America: 10:30hrs -11:45hrs (Santiago) |11:30hrs – 12:45hrs (Buenos Aires/Rio de Janeiro) 

South Africa: 16:30hrs – 17:45 hrs (Cape Town/ SAST)

Chair:  Member of the AIDA Climate & Catastrophic Events Working Party and FDCC Defense Counsel Member, Richard Traub of Traub Lieberman in Red Bank, NJ (USA) introduced the presentations and discussion of the topic:

  • Climate Change & Insurance Implications: US focus - Adam Krauss of Traub Lieberman (USA)
  • Climate Change Litigation: Recent Developments in Europe  - Professor Dr Stefan Perner, Chair of Civil Law, University of Vienna (Austria)

A Q&A session and discussion of issues arising followed.

Detailed PowerPoint presentations of each of the presentations appear with the files attached below.

A recording of the session, kindly prepared by the FDCC, is available for viewing here.

Attached files