New Technologies Prevention and Insurance Working Party Meeting

11.00 - 12.45

Lima, Peru

Country Club Lima Hotel

The meeting was chaired by the AIDA/CILA Working Party Chair, Andrea Signorino.

It took the theme: “Towards a White Paper of New Technologies applied to Insurance. Insurtech.”

A Questionnaire which had been prepared/circulated – see below - was introduced by Dr Signorino for discussion. Its purpose was to identify both issues to be addressed and other Working Party activities relevant to the creation of a White Paper on the topic.

The following presentations were then delivered – see below:

  • Angelica Carlini (Brazil) - Regulation of insurance in times of innovation: what principles should be adopted?
  • Kyriaki Noussia (UK) – AI and Insurance: A Legal approach
  • Rodrigo Penades (Uruguay) – Cyber Crimes
  • Gustavo Palheiro (Brazil) – Brazilian General Data Privacy Law and Opportunities in the Insurance Industry

Further, a Paper was produced – also below - without being presented:

  • Luiza Moreira Petersen (Brazil) – Insurance and general data protection law: treatment of sensitive data

Attached files