Good faith in the reinsurance contract - from the common law and civil law perspective (part II)

16:00 PM CET


We extended the last session of the RWP to discuss in depth aspects of good faith in the reinsurance contract with the participation of two widely recognized professors in the field of insurance and reinsurance law. We discussed the meaning and applicability of the principle of good faith in reinsurance contracts in light of the recent developments in this area of law.


Rob Merkin
Lloyd Professor of commercial law, University of Exeter, Special Counsel, Duncan Cotterill. He teaches insurance law at postgraduate level in England, Hong Kong, Greece, Singapore and Australia.

Helmut Heiss
Professor at University of Zurich. He chaired the Task Force on the "Principles of European Insurance Contract Law (PEICL)" and he now leads the Task Force on the "Principles of Reinsurance Contract Law (PRICL)".


Carlos Estebenet - Chair AIDA RWP

Prof. Ozlem Gurses - Vice Chair RWP

Jorge Angell - Honorary Chairman, AIDA RWP

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