CILA Dispute Resolution Working Party Webinar Meeting

18:00 hrs local time (Santiago, Chile)

Santiago, Chile


Theme: The Ombudsman in Insurance, Comparative Experiences and Feasibility of Implementation in Latin America

Working Party Officers:

Luis Sandoval, President – Chile

Gregorio Garo, Vice President – Argentina

Pablo Medina, Secretary -  Mexico

Speakers : 

  • Chris Rodd, Australia, Chair, AIDA Dispute Resolution International Working Party, AIDA  Vice President and National Board member of AILA, AIDA Australian Chapter - The ombudsman scheme in the UK, New Zealand and Australia
  • Fernando Pérez, AIDA Chile member and Head of Investor and Policyholder Care for the Insurance Regulator - The Chilean experience about the Ombudsman Scheme and aspects from the point of view of the regulator about this institution.
  • Rolando Eyzaguirre, Perú, President of the Insurance Ombudsman Scheme (created by the Insurance sector) - The Peruvian experience and future perspectives    
  • Miguel de la Fuente, President of AIDA Mexico - Initiatives in México about ombudsman scheme

The attached electronic notice identifies details for registration. Responses to a questionnaire circulated re ombudsman schemes in different countries can be found by clicking here.

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