Breakout Session 3 - Joint Meeting of General Principles of Insurance Law Working Party/Motor Insurance Working Party & Astin/International Non-Life Actuarial Association

14.30 - 16.00

Lisbon, Portugal

Room 2, Gulbenkian Foundation, Av. de Berna, 45A, 1067-001 Lisbon, Portugal

Moderation: Prof. Sara Landini, University of Florence / Italy, Chairperson of Motor Insurance Working Party, Dr. Kyriaki Noussia, Senior Lecturer in Law University of Exeter, Law School, CSSIS, Exeter / UK, Chairperson of General Principles of Insurance Law Working Party.

Panel Members and Topics:

  • Dr. Kyriaki Noussia, University of Exeter, UK and Prof. Sara Landini, University of Florence, Italy:  “Autonomous vehicles – motor insurance and contractual perspectives”
  • Prof. Rob Merkin, University of Exeter, UK and Jonathan Scragg, Partner, Duncan Cotterill, New Zealand: “Autonomous Vehicles, the IDD and Brexit”
  • Dr. Luo Can, School of Artificial Intelligence & Law, Southwest University of Political Science & Law, Chongqing, China: "The Chinese Perspective on Autonomous Vehicles and the Distribution of Insurance: A Comparative Study with the IDD”
  • Nuno Sapateiro, PLMJ Law Firm, Lisbon, Portugal: “Autonomous Vehicles: The Portuguese Perspective”
  • Dr. Andrea Signorino Barbat, University of Montevideo, Uruguay: “An Approach to the Social, Functional and Ethical Dimension of the Cyber Risks, with a Special Focus on Autonomous Vehicles”

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