AIDA Reinsurance Working Party Zoom Meeting – A U.S. Perspective on COVID-19 Claims Following Fortunes and Settlements

12.00 hrs Argentine time (8.00hrs USA W; 10.00hrs USA E; 16.00hrs UK time/BST; 17.00hrs Rest of Europe/CET)


SpeakerProfessor Jeff Stempel, University of Nevada (USA) will be presenting a talk on "A U.S. Perspective on COVID-19 Claims Following Fortunes and Settlements"

The session focussed on the application of the follow the fortunes and follow the settlement clauses to the claims made by the reinsured against their reinsurers in relation to the losses occurred due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The cases where the reinsured had to indemnify the assured due to some pressures (e.g. instructions to the reinsured by the regulatory authorities to pay such claims) external to the contractual relationship between the reinsured and the reinsurers will be of particular interest.

ModeratorsCarlos Estebenet (Argentina) and Professor Ozlem Gurses (UK) were joined by Jorge Angell (Spain) in chairing the session and in leading the Q&A and open discussion which followed the presentation.

See below to view the presentation materials. To view the recording of the session use this link.

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