AIDA Europe Webinar: Transparency in Insurance Contract Law - Kaleidoscope of challenges in the digital era

14:00 hrs -15:30 hrs CEST (13:00hrs- 14:30hrs BST/12:00hrs-13:30hrs UCT)

Virtual (via Zoom)

The second in a series of AIDA Europe webinars in 2021 addressed topics featured in the AIDA Europe Research Series on Insurance Law and Regulation, published by Springer.

Over the course of two moderated discussions, panellists considered the most interesting challenges posed  in the digital era to transparency obligations of the insurer in Insurance Contract Law and practice. The different approaches in Europe and the US led to a lively debate.

Each discussion was followed by a moderated Q&A session.


1st session: Transparency requirements - 14:00hrs-14:45hrs CEST


Joasia Luzak, Associate Professor, University of Exeter, UK

Daniel Schwarcz, Professor, University of Minnesota, USA

Moderator: Oliver Brand, Professor, University of Mannheim, Germany

Q&A: 14:30hrs -14:45hrs CEST 

2nd  session: Enforcement of transparency requirements - 14:45hrs-15:30hrs CEST


Kathleen Defever, Owner/Principal of Defever Law and Public Insurance Adjuster, USA 

Sjoerd Meijer, Partner, Nauta Dutilh, Amsterdam and Lecturer, VU Amsterdam, Netherlands

Moderator: Joasia Luzak, Associate Professor, University of Exeter, UK

Q&A: 15:15hrs -15:30hrs CEST


For sight of Kathleen Defever’s presentation slides see attached file below.

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