AIDA Cybersecurity Webinar: Joint Meeting of AIDA Motor Insurance Working Party and AIDA General Principles of Insurance Law Working Party in association with University of Exeter, Nova School of Law, Lisbon and University of Florence

16:00 hrs -18:00 hrs local time (Rome, Italy)

Rome, Italy


"New Challenges from the Online Environment in Insurance"

Subtopics: Cybersecurity, transparency and data

Chairs : Margarida Lima Rego (AIDA, Nova School of Law, Lisbon), Sara Landini (AIDA, Univ of Florence) and Kyriaki Noussia (AIDA, Univ of Exeter)  

Speakers:  Fabio Maniori (Univ of Trieste), Birgit Kuschke (AIDA, Univ of Pretoria) and Samim Unan (AIDA Presidential Council)

See below for further details of meeting and presentations.

A recording of the webinar is to be found here.


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