AIDA Climate & Catastrophic Events Working Party Meeting: Climate Change, Insurers and Fossil Fuel Companies - a case for investment and collaboration? A presentation by Dr Lars Schernikau

15:30-16:45hrs (London time/BST); 16:30-17:45hrs (Central European Time); 07:30-08:45hrs/10:30-11:45hrs (N America time): 10:30-11:30hrs (S America time)

Virtual - Zoom webinar

Speaker: Dr Lars Schernikau, Energy Economist, Entrepreneur and Commodity Specialist

A forward and positive-thinking macroeconomist and author of two books on energy commodities, Lars draws on science to support views likely to raise eyebrows, stretch imaginations and test beliefs in encouraging fresh and critical thinking about policies designed both to protect the environment and to secure our collective long-term survival.

An adviser to selected governments and conglomerates on energy policy, Lars studied in the US, France and Germany and worked for more than 6 years at the Boston Consulting Group in the US and Germany.

Lars considered:

  • Causes of climate change and impacts on our system;
  • Energy and energy security issues; and
  • Carbon policy choices for the insurance market and others.

Chair: Tim Hardy, Chair of the AIDA Climate & Catastrophic Events Working Party

A short Q&A session, moderated by Tim Hardy, followed the presentation. It is hoped that issues raised in this session will stimulate discussion in further sessions about moves currently being made by most in the insurance sector to comply with mitigation and adaptation policies ahead of the COP26 meeting to be held in Glasgow in November of this year.

Some meeting materials are provided below. Any further items will be provided shortly.

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